Showcasing Your Products Using Display Stands!

Showcasing Your Products Using Display Stands!

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Do you want your products to stand out? With so many different display stands and exhibition stand systems on the market, it is easy to get lost, especially if you’re hosting or exhibiting an event for your first time. Here at Plexico, we have a vast selection of acrylic display options for you to choose from.

Display stands and casings are primarily used to help organise your selection of products. In turn, this makes your products look more appealing and systematic to your audience. Acrylic display stands are transparent display stands that push the emphasis on your product. 

Retail business has flourished throughout the years with the aid of acrylic display stands. Besides looking nice and showcasing your products, there are some other great reasons why you should upgrade and utilise our products!


Acrylic stands are extremely durable. The material itself is near enough unbreakable without the use of intentional force. The durability of acrylic materials is great value for money as usually they not only last a long time but aren't too expensive to manufacture. The only other alternative, similar to acrylic stands, is glass stands but this is usually a poor choice due to how fragile the materials are.

Minimal Maintenance

Easy to clean and less effort than you’d imagine to move around. Although the material itself can be used to support heavy weights, it’s remarkably light. Regardless of the mount being see-through, a tinted colour, or anything else, acrylic stands take little to no maintenance.

Various Shapes

If you’re a company or business that requires different shaped product holders, you’re in luck! Having various shapes of stands may be needed to incorporate the products effectively on your stand. Acrylic material offers good flexibility when moulding it into any shape required. 

Smart Display Of Products

We know we’ve touched on this briefly, but acrylic stands are a practical way to display your products. The transparent material makes a customer see through the material, making it easier for them to choose a product. The stand also can carry the products in a neatly designed manner. They prove to be a smart way to display different products and are sturdy enough to support heavy objects. 

What Acrylic Display Stands Do We Have?

We have the facilities in-house to cut nearly any shape you need! All of our designs are created in a computer-aided design facility and seamlessly converted via a CAD format for machining on the latest laser technology. 

Need to reorder? No worries! All of our designs and products are stored electronically for future reference by our clients. We have several options already available for you to look at