Calling All Gamers!

Calling All Gamers!

Did you know there are all different types of acrylic display stands? There are some bare essentials for you gamers as well! We have PS4, PS5 & XBOX controller holders that add display zest to your gaming experience. 

Not only do they look cool, but there are some amazing benefits to using these holders. Let’s go through them in this blog.


Your controllers are going to see some wear and tear. We’re willing to take a guess that after you’re done gaming you’ll put your controller on your desk, your floor or maybe even in a crevice in your furniture. If you’re guilty of this… stop!

When you put your controllers onto dirty surfaces you run the risk of dust and grit getting into the mechanisms. Imagine you’re trying to cross a ball into the enemy’s box on FIFA and the buttons are not working properly. Or you’re about to get the final kill in search and destroy on Call of Duty and your shooting trigger ceases. Frustrating, right?

With our display stands, you can prevent these gaming disasters! Although we can’t certify that your controllers will live forever, taking proper care of them can improve their longevity immensely. We all know they aren’t cheap, so take care of them.


Where is it?! If you have a wireless controller, it’s very easy to lose track of where it’s gone. Especially if you usually have guests or family members (especially kids) who tend to take your controllers for a walk. Let’s put a stop to this.

Nothing is more frustrating than not being able to get onto your own console after a long day at work. Many of us don’t use our game consoles for just gaming anymore. For a lot of us, they’re our entire entertainment system. Access to Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney Plus, Spotify, etc. can all be granted through your gaming system. Make sure you know where your controllers are at all times with our controller holders.


A gaming station can be a holy place for many gamers. If you’ve tech’d out your station and systems to look glamorous, you’ll want to make sure your controllers also look the part. With acrylic display stands your controllers can be kept safe, secure and out of the way of your main centrepieces. These work especially well if you have a neon or glowing set-up. More light passes through our transparent stands. Interested in upgrading your space? Check out our website for our acrylic controller holders!