Benefits Of Displaying Your Jewellery

Benefits Of Displaying Your Jewellery

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Jewellery display stands are one of the most effective products that correctly market your jewellery. Jewellery displays are said to be the store’s silent salesperson. Your jewellery pieces become more attractive and easier for the customers to visualise themselves wearing them. Here at Plexico, we’d like to shed some light on what you can do to help your jewellery-driven sales.

Increase Sales With Jewellery Displays

Give your store a more professional aesthetic with a unified look. Having two or three colours is the maximum recommended amount. A specific colour palette should be chosen and followed throughout. Many of the larger brands will use simple display units such as our 20 earring display holder. The more you can make the product stand out, the better.

Having a flat display in your jewellery store or section can make your products feel monotone and dull. Experiment with different heights, varying positions and different size display units to help add more depth to your displays.

Keeping them clean is paramount. A dirty display unit can really turn potential customers into uninterested consumers. Using acrylic display units means they’re easy to clean. Glass units, although have the same aesthetic value, are much more delicate and therefore you may not want to risk giving them a proper clean. 

Brand Personality

Your packaging, boxes, and display units are all a part of your brand. Packaging is the very first thing your customers will look at before they’ve even reached your product, this is no different to the display units you're using. Try to stick to minimal themes and displays, again, we want to keep the attention on your products.

Reusable Displays Stands

You won’t get just a single use out of your display stands. These will be ready to use, time and time again, for future products. Having the same reliable displays can help build consistency within how you present your jewellery to your customers. 

Enhanced Sales

As per a survey, one-third of the customer’s buying decision depends on the packaging and the presentation of jewellery items. Having customised jewellery packaging can add immense value to the brand by increasing the value of the product. New and interesting packaging ideas easily grab the buyer’s attention and also bring you new buyers. It directly affects your business, drives more sales, and creates an impact on your bottom line.

Jewellery packaging and display boxes not only protect the valuable jewellery items from getting damaged, but they also associate the personality of the brand with the customers. These things highlight the key features of a brand and give it a unique brand recognition. Having nice boxes for packaging your assorted items can bring you a lot of positive feedback from customers along with new buyers.

Need Display Stands?

We offer a great selection of various display stands for you and your company. Whether you’re looking to display jewellery, collectables, or cases, we can help. If you’re looking for something specific or we don’t have it in stock (yet), take a look at our made-to-order section and see how we can help!