Christmas present ideas

Christmas present ideas

Christmas present ideas - Here at Plexico we design and create a huge array of products so browse our site as we have many great things that could be a wonderful Christmas present for a friend or family.

Ahh, Christmas is just around the corner, classic songs are beginning to filter through on the radio, winter sales are popping up and Christmas markets are starting once more. There’s that familiar nip in the air, the spicy scent of mulled wine and it’s time to start thinking about prep for the Big Day. The festive season is here, and whilst it brings us so much joy as we tick off the toys and gifts from the family Christmas List, there is that niggling feeling that comes with a bulging stocking, family members walking down the driveway with laden arms of brightly coloured wrapped boxes and a tree buried under a pile of presents – ‘Where are we going to put it all?!’

Here at Plexico, we have endless, useful storage solutions. Whether its for small gifts –as the best gifts always come in small boxes! We have jewellery stands, earring displays and more – it is so easy to help you organise your new gifts, in a way that shows them off and makes them easy to find. For yourself or your teens we have make-up storage solutions, for Mum and Dad there’s photo frames and displays - But what about the kids?

Well, a firm favourite for every Christmas is of course – Lego! It doesn’t feel like Christmas without the sound of a new Lego box being emptied out. But once they’ve been played with – it’s time for them to find their home whilst being easy to play with again.

Most children can’t bear the thought of their latest Lego Technics Cars being dismantled to be put away, so why not invest in some Lego Technics display cases? Our display cases come in a series of colours, including clear – so your children’s creations can be proudly displayed whilst still looking great! Our acrylic display cases are sturdy, smooth and easy to clean too – they don’t need to gather dust once January rolls around!

At Plexico, we understand that whilst we want our loved ones to enjoy their latest items, it can create clutter and look messy – even with the best intentions, those toy boxes just don’t seem to fill themselves! That’s why we offer new ways to display toys, in a way that looks great and can really add character to any room.

We don’t just make display cases for Lego Technics cars either – we have a range of display cases for everything, any size, any shape from a Lego Technics Star Wars Helmet or Lightsaber, to a tiny Matchbox car, cosmetics can find a creative storage solution to fit your furniture so your teens can start the year as they mean to go on – with a tidy but functional bedroom!

With our clever storage ideas, or creative displays -  you can bring joy to the whole family and get them the toy or gift they really wanted, without worrying about where it will end up after the festive clean-up!

Check out our ‘Collectables Stand & Cases’ section, not only for great gift ideas, but also to see inventive ways to store and display any gifts you are considering for your children, or even the big kid in you!