Maintaining and Displaying Your Collectables Properly

Maintaining and Displaying Your Collectables Properly

Storing and displaying your collectables
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Here at, we have a range of display options for your collectables. From
Star Wars Lego, Lego Technic cars and light sabre holders, to skateboards and
footballs, and even weapons such as knives, rifles and swords.
This article is a complete guide on maintaining and displaying your collectables
properly to help them last longer. Just like any collection, action figures can be
susceptible to environmental factors and ageing. Learn more about maintaining and
displaying your collectables properly with a few simple tips.

Why Do I Need To Display My Collectables Properly?

The materials that different collectables are made from can, over time, show signs of
ageing. Paint can chip or rub off, the plastic can become discoloured, and dirt, grime,
and dust can build up.
Know your enemies:

● Direct sunlight can cause the plastic to become faded and blotchy.
● Intense heat can cause the plastic to become soft and misshapen.
● High humidity can cause the paint on your collectables to peel and chip and
can cause decals to fall off and joints to loosen. This can mean you need help
maintaining their poses.
● Dirt, dust and natural oils from your fingers can cause a grimy buildup if
handled too much. Dust is not harmful but can build up and make your
collectables less visually appealing.

How Do I Care For My Collectables?

It is important to take care of your collectables and memorabilia. Whether it’s a
sports card collection, a set of figurines, or a stack of old magazines, every collector
knows the importance of proper care for their prized possessions. These items are
not only valuable to you emotionally, but also financially.

1. Keep your collectables in a clean, dry environment. Dust and dirt can damage
them over time, so it's important to keep them clean.
2. Dusting your collectables with a soft, dry cloth. If particularly delicate, use a
soft brush instead.
3. Use a mild soap and water solution to clean your collectables.
4. Never use harsh chemicals or abrasives on your collectables as this can
damage them irreparably.
5. Be sure to dry the piece completely before putting it back on display.
6. When handling collectables, use clean hands.

Displaying Your Collectables

So what do I put my collectables in or on? Here at Plexico, we offer many different
display options. Some of these include collectable stands and cases, display stands,
shelves and cases, jewellery and product display stands and even home and office

We also provide photo display frames for your sentimental pictures.
Our collectable stands are a durable and attractive solution to display your Star Wars
Light Sabres, for example. We even offer wall brackets for skateboarders, as well as
other sport-related display stands for other equipment such as footballs, baseballs,
cricket balls, and even golf balls!

Our weapon displays are a perfect option to protect your knives and bayonets, rifles
and pistols, Katanas and swords etc., and keep them safely on display. Make sure
you display your collectables in an area where no direct sunlight can reach them. If
they're displayed in a display case, ensure they are in a room away from any
windows that let in a lot of sunlight.

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