Display In Your Products In Style!

Display In Your Products In Style!

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Are you looking for creative display solutions in Plymouth? Look no further! There are vast and various ways that you can display your personal or retail items. In this blog, we’ll be covering some of the key advantages of using our acrylic displays and a small selection of some of our products. Read on to find out more.


The design of acrylic displays is simple yet it’s incredibly effective. Not only are they easy to attach, place or however you need them, but they can also be a vital part of your business's way of displaying products. These are great options, even if you’re not a business owner, to showcase your items.


You’ll not be surprised to hear that a lot of customers buy because they are enticed by how the product is displayed. Acrylic display stands truly let you have more creative freedom with your displays. Unleash your imagination! Create dynamic display areas with your see-through brackets or holders. 


How many times have you walked into a shop and noticed they’re using acrylic display stands? Next time you’re in one, take a look. Acrylic stands are an incredibly popular trend as they allow you to showcase your products effectively. You’ll have the opportunity to make your products much more eye-catching, enticing customers to make a purchase.


When it comes to safety, you need not look anywhere other than Plexico. Although glass display units can look fantastic, you may want to consider using acrylic instead. Aesthetically they’re incredibly similar but glass stands and display units come with the potential to easily break. With acrylic, there’s guaranteed to be a much smaller chance of breakage. They’re much easier to manoeuvre around your establishment as they weigh less and you’ll feel less cautious when picking up your items. 


Why spend time cleaning your displays when you can be promoting or selling your products?! The time spent cleaning displays is significantly reduced when you invest in one of our acrylic display stands and with a choice of styles and designs, you’ll want to check out our complete range of products today!

Popular Displays

We cover acrylic stands of all different sizes and variations. Whether you’re looking to display your sports memorabilia, fancying putting your weapon displays on show or need something for your exhibitions, we’ve got you covered.

Here is a selection of some of our most popular acrylic displays. This amazing monitor stand will keep your computer appliances out of harm’s (drink spillages) way. If you have treasured memories you want to preserve, we highly recommend an acrylic photo frame. Ideal for displaying your loved ones. We have a blog coming out soon about the benefits of displaying your jewellery but for now, we have this amazing 20-hole earring display stand. Showcase your earrings in style!